20 things you didn’t know about me.

So you get an email from me every week talking about artists and food and poetry and mediatation and stuff.  Here are 20 things that explain the crazy experiences and wonderings that have lead me to this place.

  1. I used to work for Fashion/Celebrity photographers in Los Angeles. Some of the images I worked on with Photographers are Here.
  2. I was a river guide in the 80’s on the Colorado river. That’s me in the back looking at gnarly rapid.IMG_3050-1
  3. I had a full page picture of me in Vogue Magazine. I was dressed as a cop with Cybil Shepard.IMG_3046
  4. I lived in a houseboat on the Themes in Richmond England. Not as glamorous as it first sounds. It was a small house boat I am a Big Swede you can imagine the comedy.
  5. I spent my summers on a cattle ranch in between Pampa and Borger, Texas. I learned how to ride, rope, round-up cattle and throw hay bails. A great way to grow up.
  6. For a laugh the ranch hands gave me the Shetland Quarter Horse mix named Smokey Joe to ride on round ups. I loved that horse despite its very bouncy gate , that my feet were close to the ground  and that it provided a little humor to the cowboys from other ranches. Big man little horse you get the picture.
  7. I lived in a small cabin in Glenwood Springs Colorado, while going to College. I could step out of my door put on cross country skis and ski for 5 miles without seeing a soul. One of the most beautiful places I have ever lived and it was a shack in the woods. Fun jeep too! IMG_3049
  8. I have worked on the photography for over 30 Cookbooks.
  9. My mom lives part time in San Miguel D’Allende
  10. I have a son named Darby Jack. Wait everyone already knows Darby jack.
  11. I have been an Apprentice/Student of an honest to goodness Kung Fu Master (John Fey) for Over 30 years.For a fun old video on youTube click here. Otherwise he has managed to have a very small digital footprint. In This day an age that is impressive. He has some very interesting books you can find here.
  12. I played the French Horn in High School and College. Had to choose from a full scholarship for music or Photography and while shadowing the crazy first Horn player from the Denver Symphony and in front of 10,000 people I realized photography was for me.
  13. I lived in Philidelphia, Pa when I was a kid while my Dad went to Temple University for his PHD in Mirco-Biology.
  14. I used to go cross country skiing in Colorado, Build Snow caves on a mountain side and live in it for 4 or 5 days when it was 20 below outside. My blood is a tad more thin these days. Burrr!IMG_3047-1230491_1034915030473_8593_n
  15. I seriously get up everyday and practice 1 to 2 hours of some kind of meditation, either seated or moving.
  16. When I was 22, I set my alarm for 5 am everyday for a year before I got up and remains a habit till this day.
  17. I once got to sit in the recording booth with Whitney Houston While she sang and while Micheal O’Neil took pictures of her for Life Magazine . It still gives me chills her voice was so amazing.
  18. When I was 8 I used to blindfold myself and see how far I could get in the middle of a 14 square mile cattle ranch. Note I could get pretty far just by feeling with my feet and listening to birds. No My parents and Grandparents new nothing of this!
  19. When I was 6, I put on my Great grandads cowboy hat, snuck out of the house, bridled a horse and went for a long ride all day by myself. Needless to say every neighboring ranch hand was out looking for me. Meanwhile I was having a great day exploring different pastures, I remember all of it.  When I finally made it home and did so closing all of the barbed wire gates behind me a cowboy watched and reported this to my granddad.  They kind of gave me a pass after that. My family was very patient with me!
  20. I use to breath fire and juggle. I still juggle though I gave up the fire breathing! 



So now you know a little about me! I hope I get to meet a lot of you in the upcoming years as well!

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  1. Maggie Farley says:

    So much I didn’t know about you! Add me to the list! (I don’t do Facebook Messenger.)



    1. Maggie Farley says:

      Found the form. Added! You can delete the comment t 🙂


      1. Hey Maggie, can’t seem to find it.


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